Outdoor Glass Cleaning Service

PR Designed customized packages according to customer needs and budget. We provide special contracting deals for Governmental and Private Sector.

Pest Control Oman

Certified pesticides and technicians are main two components to insure PR human/environmental standards are in place

Landscape Service Oman

Specialized team with latest machinery and procedures utilized to maintain facilities look and hygiene.

Get a complete disinfection & Sanitization done. We offer safe, sustainable, and healthy solutions for all areas of your home and business using advanced eco-friendly technologies.

Furniture Cleaning & Polishing Oman

Unique three stages of cleaning and sterilization process created by PR expert team.

Maintenance Service Oman

operating with fully equipped and qualified teams of technicians which makes them capable of maintaining, supplying and installing, all replacing parts as necessary to keep the property running optimally.

 Catering Service  Oman

Catering Services has built an outstanding reputation as the region’s leading corporate and event caterer. Certified Industrial Catering & Supplies, Industrial Accommodation Services with ISO 9001:2015 & HACCP standards.

Waste Management Oman

Responsible for the daily collection of garbage from receptacles throughout common areas and managing its disposal in accordance with municipality and community regulations.

Perfect Reflection Facilities Management Services is an Oman based integrated Facilities Management Services company that provides tailored solutions for all your facility needs,

FOCUS COVID 19 : Expert & Honest CARE : Our sanitization services help you stay protected for long time.

Proactive Hygiene Facility Management Services to Mitigate the Risk of Spread of COVID-19

- Offices cleaning and Sanitization
- Commercial Buildings
- Retail Shops
- Staff Accommodations and Transportation Buses
- Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels/Resorts
- Nurseries, Days Care Centers, School & Universities

- Pest Control

We care about our environment, hence our motive is to make the earth greener, brighter and better place to live. We serve utilizing creative, innovative and environmentally friendly hygienic materials and chemicals. Thus, we provide professional cleaning services through Deep Cleaning Packages, Qualified Pest Control, Landscape & Waste management and Furniture Cleaning & Sterilization.

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